Interview with Pancho Sullivan a Great Surf Champion from Haena, Kauai, Hawaii

Alejandro:   What you do for a living?

Pancho:  I am co/founder of which is a watch brand. I am also the sales and distribution manager for Island Daze a private label company.

Alejandro:  Tell us about your top moment.

Pancho:  My top moment in life was the birth of all three of my children and marrying my wife.  The highlight of my surfing life would have to be a session in Tahiti I had with just 3 other friends out in amazing 8-10ft Teahupoo.  It was incredible and we had it all to ourselves for 8 hours straight.

Alejandro:  How long you been surfing?

Pancho:  I have been surfing since I was 6 years old so for 36 years.

Alejandro:  How did you got into surfing? Any mentor? Explain.  Being born in Hawaii I grew up around surfers and it was just a natural desire I had since I was a child. I first started surfing with my best friend and his Dad.  They only had one surfboard so he and I would take turns. We would tread water while his dad would push us into waves.  I was hooked from the start.

Alejandro:  Tell us about your surfboards and fins do you use?

Pancho:  I ride Jeff Bushman Surfboards and have boards ranging from 6ft to 10ft for all types of conditions.  I use my Future Fin model fins which is basically a fin template that Jeff Bushman has used in all of my surfboards for many years. It is the most proven fin in all types of conditions and something that I know will work in any board and in any type of conditions.

Alejandro:  Tell us about your competition history an your future goals.

Pancho:  My competitive accomplishments were finishing 7th in the world in 2007, ESPN X Games Gold medalist and MVP in 2007, 4 Time WSL Sunset Beach Champion, 2 Time WSL Pipeline Champion, Backdoor Shootout Champion, Triple Crown of Surfing Hawaiian Pro Champion, 10 Time winner on the North Shore, Runner up Teahupoo Event in 2002, Runner up WSL Trestles Championship Event in 2007.  My future goals is to continue to enjoy the free surfing side of the sport I love.  I enjoyed competing but the best moments in surfing are being out in the ocean and sharing waves with friends and being away from crowds so my future goals are to surf more perfect uncrowded waves.

Alejanro: Tell us about any extreme moment in surfing?

Pancho:  Competing in the Eddie Aikau Invitational was pretty intense, towing into massive outer reefs with tow parter Myles Padaca.  A few sessions in Tahiti in massive Teahupoo.

Alejandro:  Your favorite spots

Pancho:  Sunset Beach, Pipeline/Backdoo, Paliker, Teahupoo.

Alejandro:  Surfing tips you want to share.

Pancho:  Stay centered over your board and drive down through the middle of it. Initiate early bottom turns for more speed. Have fun.

Alejandro:  Any comment or advice for surfing community?

Pancho:  We are all blessed to be surfers and to get to enjoy doing what we love in life.  Keep the stoke alive and enjoy the ride.

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