Timothy Sullivan a surfer & musician tell us his story:


Alejandro: Where you from?

Timothy:  Long Beach CA but grew up in VA Beach outer blanks NC, FLA, CA


Alejandro:  What you do for a living?

Timothy:  Musician


Alejandro:  Tell us about your top moment.

Timothy:  Well surfing Wilderness PR on 5-7 ft north swell my favorite place my favorite wave.


Alejandro:  How long you been surfing?

Timothy:  1959 my dad was a surfer from CA


Alejandro:  How did you got into surfing?  Any mentor?

Timothy:  Yea my Dad loved to surf he grew up in CA and knew Duke and in 1964 he bought us a new surf boards from a western atuo store J-Ville NC, at the time our next door neighbors were the Laine.s who were Randy Laine, & Wes Laine, both top US Surfers. but my first mentor was my my Dad who really got me into the Hawaiian school of surfing, in the 50’s he would take Mr down to Huntington Beach and we’ld go out on the pier and watch the surf board riders shoot the pier this would have been 1953-55, later on1959 when we were in FLA he rented us a kook box also a big mentor was my long time BF Randy Laine who was two years older than me looked after me when I was a little gremie and got me into hot dogin and contest surfing we are still close

Alejandro:  Tell us about your surfboards and fins do you use?

Timothy:  These day I just need one fin have tried them all but one is best for me.


Alejandro:  Tell us about your competition history an your future goals.

Timothy:  When I surf in many contest in 60’s and early 70’s alway did well 1st or 2nd have box of old trophy’s but my last contest was in 1973 the ECSC in VA Beach where I got 4th at that point I decided the contest thing was BS surfing in completely flat wave was not for me so that was my last contest I got into longboarding as a way to get away from all that and I could do my own thing.


Alejandro:  Tell us about any extreme moment in surfing?

Timothy:  We were out at Tres Plams Rincon PR around 2008 there was maybe 6 of us it was about 15-18ft perfect got about 7 great waves insane, when we saw way way out side a huge clean up set coming at us we all paddle like hell to get out side as fast as we could but no way this set was 30 ft and they were about 5 set waves well I jump off my 10/6 Tres big wave gun and cannon balled and the wave held me down longer than any before or since got hit with three the 4th one I got the soup and went in ever body either lost their boards or went in that was the last time I surfed there really very scary being out there when it that size.


Alejandro:  Your favorite spots

Timothy:  Wilderness P.R.


Alejandro:  Surfing tips you want to share.

Timothy:  Yes Surfing in a life long adventures that offers you a connection to the earth the sky the moon and the stars it not easy but if you put the time in learn how and why and never give up you will find a sense of freedom and stoke that is beyond religion and is hard to put into words I’ve been surfing 58 years and I still love to surf as much as I can because it make me feel happy.

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