Interveiw with Jordy Smith (World Class South African Champion)

Jordy Smith

Jordy Smith is one of the most ranked surfer in the world.

Alejandro: Where you from?
Jordy Smith: I am from Durban South Africa

Alejandro: How long you been surfing?
Jordy Smith: Been surfing since I was 3 1/2 so for most of my life.

Alejandro: How did you got into surfing?
Jordy Smith: My Dad is a surfboard shaper Graham Smith and he has been alongside my surfing career from the start.

Alejandro: What kind of fin do you use in your board?
Jordy Smith: I use Futures Fin system and the Jordy Smith Fin.

Alejandro: Tell us about any extreme moment in surfing?
Jordy Smith: Sketchy Surf mission in Mozambique while the war was going on and the waves were cooking for a few unforgettable days with some good mates and my beautiful wife 😉

Alejandro: Your favorite spot.
Jordy Smith: Jeffreys Bay

Alejandro: Surfing tips you want to share.
Jordy Smith: Surf, surf, surf

Alejandro: Any comment or advice for surfing community?
Jordy Smith: Peace, Love and be happy 😉

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