Anthony Kerr shaper from Margate the Coast of South Africa


Alejandro:  Where you from?
Anthony Kerr: I’m from Margate down the South Coast of South Africa but now live on the Bluff up  the Coast in Durban KZN.

Alejandro: What you do for a living?
Anthony Kerr: Well I make Surfboards yet I shape for Clayton Surfboards and I have my own brand called Kerr Surfboards, I do all that needs to be done on a board yet doing Claytons boards pays for my living While I sell my brand in and out of South Africa that helps to build up the brand yet I do my own marketing to help see the boards hey.

Alejandro: How long you been surfing and shaping boards?
Anthony Kerr: Haha ok ya , I have been surfing for 27 years now and have not been eaten haha. I have been shaping for 10 years but it’s all in my blood.

Alejandro: How did you get into surfing?
Anthony Kerr: Well I was 3 years old when my dad (Mark Anthony Kerr) made my first board out of his Factory / Shed at home and took me down with that board and a semi gun and if I can remember the place / beach ( Shelly Beach ) Saint Mikes , it was a day for me hey because I did not know what to expect !! My father said there is the board you will try on and I took the board all by my self yet had no help and paddled to backline, I shat my self to be honest but ya I got this wave that came through but it was small but I got it and stood up and went all the way to midbreak,that was the start for me hey.

Alejandro: What kind of fins do you use in your board?
Anthony Kerr: I use different types of fins but my best is Scarffini Fins just right for me because I’m not into all those fancy fins at all just normal fit and I’m happy.

Alejandro: Tell us about any extreme moment in surfing?
Anthony Kerr: Mmmm let’s see ….. well my extreme moment was when I was 11 years old and went with my father down to a place iv never surfed before and it was (South Broom) where the waves were 10 ft + and I was super excited but was hard to get out but I made it and to that I had the best day of my life , Big barrels in and out I mean I sat there for over 4 hrs with my father’s friend (Andy) all called him (Wako Jako) but ya was that extremely extreme yes it was.

Alejandro: Your favorite spot.
Anthony Kerr: My favorite surfing spot is New Pier in Durban such an amazing break it is even better in winter.

Alejandro: Any surfing tips that you want to share.
Anthony Kerr: Oh ya sure why not , I rate that people / surfers should slow down hey and not make as if a better is more important than the other because the way I see it is that for every moment you have in that amazing sea should count and making it last for you never know when your time is to leave this planet , waves are not sized by feet but sized by fair with the power to destroy us as much as thrill us it give us an addictive high yet we love it so keep it real and safe.

Alejandro: Any comment or advice for surfing community?
Anthony Kerr: Yes very important that we get the children involved in surfing for it keeps them out of Drugs / Drinking Booze, Clubs and so on, you find making it fun and exciting for them kids it just seems so wonderful to make hope happen for them , Surfing to me is not a Sport but is a life changing experience to that person or child yet family.

Kerr Surfboard Video


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