Interview video with Crowd Control Surfboard CEO Brett Prinz and Part of Team Riders Wilfredo Deliz And Julian.

Interview with Brett J.Prinz Crowd Contol Surf Co. CEO.  One of the best custom made surfboards company in USA.

Alejandro:  Where you from?

Brett:  I was born upstate NY , family moved to Juno Beach Florida when I was 4yrs old.

Alejandro:  What you do for a living?

Brett:  I own a metal polishing shop (All Metal Polishing of Palm Beach inc) polishing of auto ,moto ,medical , antiques, marine hardware and a Surfboard Company (Crowd Control surfboards) shaper , Glasser and artist at CC surf.

Alejandro:  Tell us about your top moment.

Brett:  Buying a home in West Palm Beach Florida and also being able to travel with Dick Catri to Puerto Rico on several occasions


Alejandro:  How long you been surfing?

Brett:  I’ve been surfing since I was six so that puts me at 40 years in the water on a regular basis

Alejandro:  How did you got into surfing? Any mentor?

Brett:  My family moved to Juno Beach Florida where we lived right on the ocean for several years that’s when I started surfing. There were lots of surfers hanging around our local beach and my mom bought me a board at a thrift store when I was 6yrs old.


Alejandro:  Tell us about your surfboards and fins do you use?

Brett:  I ride an old-school Dick Catri fish surfboard with Mark Richard’s twin fin glass-ons with a removable third fin! I shape all types of surfboards from performance boards to old-school retro and long boards. I’m known for re-creating an old favorite board or any board that you see on the market we can make it and put the crowd control twist on it.

Alejandro:  Tell us about your competition history an your future goals.

Brett:  I never really got into competing although I did get third-place and a high school surfing contest. I hung out with lots of guys that were competitive over the years but never really got into the contest scene.


Alejandro:  Tell us about any extreme moment in surfing?

Brett:  A few really cool trips down into The jungles of Costa Rica and scored some epic waves also a couple big days at refresher and hurricane Sandy gave us some pretty gnarly serve here in South Florida! I finally got to see Tres Palmas break at about 25 to 30 foot wall hanging out with Dick Catri and Reno Abillera!

Alejandro:  Your favorite spots

Brett:  Costa Rica I spend a lot of time at Pavones and Dominical. I been having a great time surfing all around the west and of Puerto Rico Domes, wilderness , mix also secret spot and Midles, hobos. I really enjoy surfing at K 59 in El Salvador and of course my home break in South Florida when there’s a swell Juno beach, reef Road and pumphouse.


Alejandro:  Surfing tips you want to share.

Brett:  Always try to respect your fellow surfer try to have fun in the water instead of fighting for a wave always try to keep the beach is clean and respect the Mother Nature.

Alejandro:  Any comment or advice for surfing community?

Brett:  Try to travel as much as possible to see some new waves and experience different spots cultures and foods! Also I think that most new surfers should try some old school boards and different fin configurations and rockers like the old-school singles and Twin fins, most of the people out there never try this type of thing!

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