Interview with Brett J.Prinz Crowd Contol Surf Co. CEO.  One of the best custom made surfboards company in USA.

Alejandro:  Where you from?

Brett:  I was born upstate NY , family moved to Juno Beach Florida when I was 4yrs old.

Alejandro:  What you do for a living?

Brett:  I own a metal polishing shop (All Metal Polishing of Palm Beach inc) polishing of auto ,moto ,medical , antiques, marine hardware and a Surfboard Company (Crowd Control surfboards) shaper , Glasser and artist at CC surf.

Alejandro:  Tell us about your top moment.

Brett:  Buying a home in West Palm Beach Florida and also being able to travel with Dick Catri to Puerto Rico on several occasions


Alejandro:  How long you been surfing?

Brett:  I’ve been surfing since I was six so that puts me at 40 years in the water on a regular basis

Alejandro:  How did you got into surfing? Any mentor?

Brett:  My family moved to Juno Beach Florida where we lived right on the ocean for several years that’s when I started surfing. There were lots of surfers hanging around our local beach and my mom bought me a board at a thrift store when I was 6yrs old.


Alejandro:  Tell us about your surfboards and fins do you use?

Brett:  I ride an old-school Dick Catri fish surfboard with Mark Richard’s twin fin glass-ons with a removable third fin! I shape all types of surfboards from performance boards to old-school retro and long boards. I’m known for re-creating an old favorite board or any board that you see on the market we can make it and put the crowd control twist on it.

Alejandro:  Tell us about your competition history an your future goals.

Brett:  I never really got into competing although I did get third-place and a high school surfing contest. I hung out with lots of guys that were competitive over the years but never really got into the contest scene.


Alejandro:  Tell us about any extreme moment in surfing?

Brett:  A few really cool trips down into The jungles of Costa Rica and scored some epic waves also a couple big days at refresher and hurricane Sandy gave us some pretty gnarly serve here in South Florida! I finally got to see Tres Palmas break at about 25 to 30 foot wall hanging out with Dick Catri and Reno Abillera!

Alejandro:  Your favorite spots

Brett:  Costa Rica I spend a lot of time at Pavones and Dominical. I been having a great time surfing all around the west and of Puerto Rico Domes, wilderness , mix also secret spot and Midles, hobos. I really enjoy surfing at K 59 in El Salvador and of course my home break in South Florida when there’s a swell Juno beach, reef Road and pumphouse.


Alejandro:  Surfing tips you want to share.

Brett:  Always try to respect your fellow surfer try to have fun in the water instead of fighting for a wave always try to keep the beach is clean and respect the Mother Nature.

Alejandro:  Any comment or advice for surfing community?

Brett:  Try to travel as much as possible to see some new waves and experience different spots cultures and foods! Also I think that most new surfers should try some old school boards and different fin configurations and rockers like the old-school singles and Twin fins, most of the people out there never try this type of thing!

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